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Geberit ESG 3 electrofusion tool, 230 V

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Technical data

Protection degree


Load resistance

5–68 Ohm


12.5 A

Nominal voltage

100–240 V AC

Mains frequency

50–60 Hz

Welding current max.

5 A

Mains cable length

4 m

Coupling connection cable length

4 m

Installation temperature

-10 – +50 °C

Welding cycle for electrofusion couplings

80 s

Welding cycle for electrofusion couplings with thermal fuse

420 s

Welding cycle for electrofusion tapes

80 s

Application purposes

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For electrofusion welding of Geberit HDPE and Geberit Silent-db20 pipes and fittings up to ø 315 mmFor Geberit electrofusion tapes up to ø 315 mmFor electrofusion welding of up to three electrofusion couplings ≤ ø 110 mm simultaneously


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Scope of delivery

  • Connecting cable for electrofusion coupling

  • Cable for electrofusion couplings with integrated thermal fuse

  • Connecting cable for electrofusion couplings and electrofusion tapes


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